We are an educational enterprise that offers the mental training program based on physical psychology to the individual the enterprise and the public organization etc. We are Sinvi-international Inc.

You wish believe yourself. The road that leads to your essence.



If you wish to be reborn, to live your life differently, we can help you make this a reality.
We provide lectures and seminars that, through the use of philosphy, physics and psychology, explain the microcosm hidden in our subconsicous minds in easy to understand ways.Throughout our training, starting with BIT, we provide laughter and excitement, a joy of living. And for children we provide a sense of purpose and the joy of challenge.
There are three minds: The conscious, the subconcious and the unconscious.
The conscious mind is the thinking mind, the aware mind.
The subconscious mind is the influencial mind where all our biases and fear based responses exist and those biases influence the concious mind, however the conscious mind is not always aware of this happening.
The unconscious mind is the animal mind (the survival mind, the fight or flight response).

TPAL:Tenguy Philosophy Access Live

Physical and psychological science lecture.
It is 2 hours with Kuramoto founder tengai experience type lecture. Delivered with Kuramoto tengai research news. And the opportunities our first touching the physical psychology. The participant comes in a lot of [mon] of ..generation.. man and woman [wazuni] ..variously... And, it is full in the hall of laughter and the usual impression.

BIT:Brain Incubation Training

Is the self realization capacity development training across the two days. With Kuramoto Tenguy rollout "physical psychology" hit of eyes and a continuous surprise and excitement. Rears control and the development of mental and physical self management and creativity. To the general public beginning are active in various fields who are leveraging this training.

BIC:Brain Incubation Coaching

Been attending a BIT subject course. It is a BIT is in the course of self development, while others develop aimed at mental trainer training course. Is to provide further evolution in your life so far relate to others through practicing, and understand the mechanism of the human and working from the law of BIT from Cochin equipment program.
After graduation as OB course as many times as possible participants.

ESP:Expert Stage Programmer

Is the instructor training program will demonstrate the usefulness of the self in theory learned in them, and graduated from the BIT BIC and know-how to their lifestyle in further research and practice.

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